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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 14, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>>developing now a day the group of homeless mothers forcibly removed from a vacant home are now backed. >>double trouble at a puddle of us shopping center thieves striking not once but twice and taking off with a big call and mine super soft? plus lawmakers looking to yes! with the sleep number 360 smart bed, on sale now, acquire a huge piece of land to turn it into a gigantic. you can both adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. >>state park. can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. >>watching kron 4 news at and snoring? no problem ...and done. >>it's mind boggling that so, you can really promise better sleep? someone is able to acquire not not promise... prove.
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much for 2 days and then get only at a sleep number store save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition out of the store with it. >>just 2 weeks into the new smart bed, now only $1,799. only for a limited time year and already a panel of a shopping center has been hit by thieves together the groups have stolen a total of $13,000 worth of merchandise from the you know, the happiest place on earth, but... american eagle store the petaluma premium outlet shops. have you flown the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy? >>good evening, i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore, the thefts or channeled your inner jedi? happened in 2 separate you gotta love that... incidents kron four's noah have you raced through radiator springs? biello joins us live now from pet along with more on how all or struck a power pose with them? of this unfold. noel. now is the perfect time to feel like this... and this... >>and this definitely seems to and definitely that. be such a growing trend that kids enjoy the magic for just $67 per child we're seeing all across the per day, with a 3-day 1-park per day ticket. nation to be quite honest these groups just running into stores grabbing as much merchandise as they can and then darting away into some getaway cars. it's exactly what happened here at the american eagle store not once but twice. >>this is an uneasy feeling that that could happen at any time. >>shoppers of the petaluma premium outlets were shot tuesday to learn of the major steps that have taken place at
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the american eagle store in the last 10 days on the 4th we several $1000 worth of sheens taken and then on sunday, the 12th we had another a group of individuals that came in and also did a large retail set theft of several $13,000 to be >>the questions surrounding then president trump's exact lieutenant tim lyons with petaluma police says both impeachment trial will begin appeared to have an answer the groups had a getaway car waiting in the parking lot, house is expected to send its articles of impeachment to the thanks to security video and witnesses investigators have senate tomorrow with the trial been able to track both likely in less than a week. vehicles back to oakland >>speaker indicated with the full consent of the caucus. that's a common theme we see that they're coming out of the that those articles of east been fortunate, we have large retail places and we impeachment will be know that's going to we wish transmitted to the senate. we could just have a little >>speaker pelosi said better chance of catching us lawmakers will have to wait maybe just the resell value, until tomorrow to find out who especially around the holidays she will choose to serve as and look at really desperate their prosecutors. white house to try to you know. >>it acquired money in aides insist the president whatever way they can wife. isn't worried about new >>i feel very unsure for the witnesses despite him saying place and i worried for a he'll invoke executive privilege of his former national security adviser john bolton is subpoenaed. young kids. if you worry about
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the patrons clinton at lions >>in southern california, 60 people at 6 different schools once employees and shoppers had to be treated after a alike to keep their eyes peeled for any signs of delta airliner dumped fuel potential crimes. >>and if you see something over the los angeles area. this is video of that plane suspicious call police you can see the fuel coming immediately for all want to out of the waynes delta get when they came in a large airlines flight 18 i was garbage bags. that's not typical or they came in and heading to shanghai when it immediately 5 people gradually large shopping bags. >>i would think that might reported mechanical issues and indicate that you're about to had to return to l a x about have a large retail theft. 15 miles away, 20 children at 11 adults affected at the park >>definitely just keep your avenue elementary school are eyes open that's for sure now complaining about the smell as petaluma police said that they skin irritation emergency crews showed up to take care did have extra patrols out of them the f a a is now there at the shopping center throughout the holiday season, investigating this incident. and they didn't see any types of steps like these it was a >>more than a year after a soon as they pulled away those deadly crash where a driver who may have been under the extra patrols is when these 2 influence fled the scene lawmakers are taking action to happened they're hoping that make sure this kind of thing the outlet shoppes o well doesn't happen again and it's the worst news, a mother could hear after a child goes potentially add more security missing how this mother says cameras to the entire area for she found out her missing child was dead. that's coming up. now in petaluma know well bellow kron 4 news noel. thank you this crime is the latest >>and we just wrapped up the in a string of robberies in last big debate before iowa sonoma county. earlier this month, a robbery took place at who won who lost was there a moment or 2 between sa a lululemon and the thieves
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got away with 10's of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise in that crime. >>it happened in the montgomery village near farmers lane police say it was at least a 3rd theft at that location. here's a map showing the location of this crime and the petaluma staffs. the stores are about 20 miles apart police have not said if there is any connection between them. >>developing tonight passionate protests in oakland, a group of homeless mothers and their supporters, the mothers forcibly removed from a vacant home were released from jail this evening and now tonight they return to that home that they've been occupying for several months. they are back at the site with their supporters outside the home in protest. >>we shall not be moved the i thought i was managing my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis. but i realized something was missing... me. because we are stronger as a the thought of my symptoms returning force and we see that. from was keeping me from being there for the people and things i love most. today from the wake of weak got. we see that. and those so, i talked to my doctor and learned
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humira can help get, and keep, uc under control when other medications haven't worked well enough. who does stand by as these and it helps people achieve control that lasts representatives who we've been in office. i think that makes so you could experience few or no symptoms. action will be there. i think humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. the next action will be at serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, least talk to see more in the including lymphoma, have happened; next office. as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, >>a judge ordered the eviction serious allergic reactions, last friday at least 2 of the and new or worsening heart failure. mothers and to supporters were before treatment, get tested for tb. taken into custody early this tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, morning once the women were evicted the owners of the and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, property put up a fence and are prone to infections, boarded up the doors and or have flu-like symptoms or sores. windows of the home since then don't start humira if you have an infection. people upset with how all of be there for you, and them. this has been handled have been outside in protest. we ask your gastroenterologist about humira. have a live report from the scene tonight on kron 4 news with humira, control is possible. at 9 o'clock. >>the need for more affordable housing across the bay area is i'climate is the number 1ove priority.sage. no secret and today, the city i would declare a state of emergency on day 1. of san francisco announced its in negotiations to purchase this building at the edge of congress has never passed an important climate bill, ever. the castro district and turn it into affordable housing for this is a problem that continues to get worse. seniors kron four's dan kerman has the story. i've spent a decade fighting and beating oil companies...
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>>this property which now houses the sheet metal workers union in a parking lot could stopping pipelines... stopping fossil fuel plants, soon be transformed into affordable housing units for ensuring clean energy across the country. seniors this would allow us to how are we going to pull this country together? add we hope something close to we take on the biggest challenge in history, we save the world and do it together. another 100. >>the need will be will continue to be tremendous, it moves us in the right direction, the building sits amendments district on the edge of the castro in the goal. >>this to target lgbtq seniors for 60% of the approximately 100 spots worst because obviously san francisco is and. >>the housing crisis, karen skull teddy knows about the housing shortage firsthand she runs open house the only other >>it was the last democratic lgbtq welcoming affordable senior housing complex in the presidential debate before the city currently have over 3,l00 first big primary vote people on the wait list for wrapping up just a short time ago the debate was set in des our 2 buildings alone. we have moines, the iowa caucuses are less than 3 weeks away. just people walking through the doors every day facing eviction or living on the yesterday senator cory booker streets of san francisco are jobs out of the race only 6 on the couches of friends. candidates took the stage >>and we have algae b t q tonight that's a smallest seniors who tell us every day group yet joining us now is they feel pushed out in a city the host of inside the area
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that they really helped build politics catherine heenan. among those living years, >>and our political analyst tom del beccaro and michael donna persona as an in-home yockey cather take it away. caregiver she was not on the lease and thus had no >>well ken and pam i think every single debate there so security. >>now that's changed i feel it's high stakes, but now we are only 3 weeks away from welcomed. >>i feel very secure. and i if iowa. what made an impression. you this is what been telling >>honestly i think after people i've come. watching 7 of these debates all these debates to is really demonstrate the difference >>the hope is this site will between what the democrats provide similar opportunities want to do and what the for others we have to move as republicans want to do which is a good thing for a republic quickly as we can to get more permanently affordable units to for people to vote on but online the need is tremendous nothing really changes. final purchase of this building must still be tonight. if you liked joe completed then design of the new building and then biden before look he's not a construction if all goes well it could take 3 years or even strong debate performer and he longer for this project to be looks kind of lackluster but completed in san francisco. he didn't do anything to make dan kerman kron 4 news. a run for them if you like bernie sanders, he filled your >>in the south bay, a security heart, elizabeth warren had a guard is being credited with good night. amy kober char had a good night. mayor on now and interrupting an alleged assault police say it involved the man who was hired to care who's that on the congress for a 13 year-old girl in san states and why zoo there i jose police say the incident mean this has to start
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happened behind a strip mall overtime start to get back to near east capitol expressway 2 years in allergy of the on monday afternoon. the guard season. >>football. this was prevent noticed a car parked in a defense pretty much by remote spot. the guard says everyone it's as if they all decided there's only 2 and a when he approached the car he immediately noticed the age half 3 weeks before the difference of those inside. campaign what i can do anything in the states that's going to ruin what are >>i knew something was wrong i organizers can do in getting deferment is something was wrong. i did see things i people to the caucuses. we're should have. i'm a father, i'm a 6 year-old daughter and. just going to play it really really safe when you saw that that's what i saw was not ok. tonight is basically a rehash of everyone stump speech over and over again and if there >>san jose police arrived and are any moments it was just arrested the man who is little tiny ones and really identified a 70 year-old won and has has in terms of what been win. police say an when tom was saying it's really had been hired by the victims only a matter of degrees and some of those degrees make a family to drive her and some big difference to some of the other children home from faithful in the in the school police say after dropping off the other democratic party. others not so and if that if it turns on children when deviated from the route and parked behind electability they said no no them all merchants at that change in what the day was of strip mall are now calling a larger isis which is joe that guard a hero. biden is still ready to head in that in that area. you know >>69 year-old san francisco he was he was safe. woman is fighting for her life tonight after getting into an accident with her ease >>alright 45 minutes into this scooter. the victim was on the scooter when she roads through debate. finally we got some reference to the supposed. an intersection and hit a cement mixer just before 3 30 warren sanders few were
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yesterday afternoon. it senator warren says but happened at bay street and the sanders said a woman can't win embarcadero she was taken to the hospital with life in 2020 anyway, let's let's listen to a little bit of that threatening injuries. >>words of warning from pga exchange. need to customers, the company says make sure you have a plan in place for unexpected power >>anybody knows me. those that outages meteorologist for the utility are forecasting a change in the weather pattern over northern and central it's incomprehensible so i california later this week. unsettled weather will begin would think that a woman could on wednesday with wind rain not be president of the art and mountain snow. that means sites go to youtube today theres some video of that of may 30 years ago talking about there is the potential for power outages in the days how a woman could become ahead. the chinese president of the united states meteorologist says quote and of bertie is my friend and i impactful winter storm is on am not here to try to fight the way and we're asking this bernie. but look this customers to have a plan to question about whether or not keep themselves and their a woman can be president. families safe. our team of >>has been raised and it's meteorologists is closely tracking the weather system time for us to attack it head and working with our employees on. and i think the best way in the field to stage to talk about who can win is resources and ensure we're prepared to restore power by looking at people's winning quickly and safely for a list record so kind of woman beat of the storm safety tips donald trump. look at the man before and after any bad on this stage collectively weather hits you can visit our they have lost 10 elections, website at kron 4 dot com sold.
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>>talking about the weather the only people on this stage let's take a live look outside now looking out over san should have won every single election that they've been an francisco in the bay. still are the women, a minute. it's kristen beautiful out there tonight, but that's all going to change very soon is yeah that's right we're >>all right so that was kind looking at tomorrow morning to of a punchy moment, but this be kind chilliness of frost was the big buzz all day and going on too. will there be fireworks some >>but then by thursday morning kind of anti climatic 200 wow different story so nothing what the portable chargers people handle was it was already for the cell phones interesting because first of too. downtown san francisco is the shot we got going on here all when. >>when bernie sort of talking fairly clear at least at this and saying i would never have hour but oh yeah, this monster done this and look at my record look at youtube upstream is what's going to whatever. they just split dive into the bay area. late screen and warns head was down the entire time she never made tomorrow night into thursday morning, waking up tomorrow. eye contact. she never looked at it until like a very i we've got some scattered frost that the what the cloud cover thought she was gearing up to dropping south and some fog do something instead she too 36 inland 44th happening simply has said very quickly. at the coast by high noon sun i disagree with regard to is peeking out a little bit got characterization of the statement and then moved on. lower 50's near about 49 or so here she wanted to make a going on in london and then at moment that would have been 3 o'clock the sun goes back it. for some reason or another into hiding. cloudy mild and and we'll only know when this temperatures lower to middle campaign is relator why she 50's with all of that if you win because this we're talking didn't do it but pulling back about in terms of power a thought for someone whose outages and that sort of thing campaign is isn't a little bit winds start to pick up late of trouble. was get whom who tomorrow night overnight while could have created a slow
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moments with regarding her she comes blowing through it's fight with bernie over the like the last row longer you can see same same voting. bloc you here by thursday morning at 7 30 most the heavy winds will don't know why she what she be south. but still dealing with some breezy like conditions in its wake on needed to take a rest tonight and she decided not to do it shore winds replace the there and so and burning got southerly flow of winds with that we'll take a look at that when we expect that what the away with this by the way storm impact of that on future president trump apparently cast coming up in just a bit tweeted that he didn't think back to you. bernie would say that sort of thing either. >>kron 4 news today today, >>so this is a big tease that didn't play out. and it's sort delta airlines flight causes some concerns in southern of a microcosm of the whole california dumped fuel on a debate i nobody's stepped out lot of people who are down of line nobody took a big risk below a winter white out in nobody did a common law or squab valley, one storm with even even and eric swalwell triple digit wind speeds joking with biden about it's passing through but another more powerful system is on the time to pass that horse porch they didn't do any of those way. >>10's of thousands of acres things which means to me that of land up for sale in the son and the pows a week livermore will te from now will be the same as they are today and that really means it's all about who's got the best turnout operation i would know his own appeal operation and they all made a decision we're not going to rock that boat not to her make any would have to explain anything from the debate as a going out with people for the ♪
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caucuses are just 3 of the participants on they're going for a slider bag that's easy to open and close to be sucked into the senate and stays closed, mpeachment trial. try hefty slider bags. >>they'll be essentially off the campaign trail. i presume the expandable bottom makes it easy to stand, fill and store, does that help or by whom and while its easy-to-use slider there's a gag order on them clicks closed so you know it's closed. than i was me talking to the try hefty slider bags. press and it i want to dispel with this notion that this is all done to help joe biden if an peyser was going to happen at all it was always going to hurt the senators. so i don't think it was driven by a desire to help joe biden if they're taken off the trail. it in and in fact will hurt them. but honestly i think mitch mcconnell's going accommodate them not because he wants to because he doesn't want 4 or 5 weeks of impeachment being the news. so i think this is going to be far more compact and then these dire cases that are presenting i think because for the for the electorate. there's so much panama for the democratic electorate, the sort of the masai towards from
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if things start to spiral a little bit out of caddo the presence control in terms of the senate and if sanders and congress are and warren are identified in there and meet may help them a little bit. >>just in terms of again the like and the viability part of the iowa caucuses who is the second choice who we who would you rather see up there and maybe it pushes them over but a judge over someone like that in terms of who can turn the second and 3rd place finishes but it is going to be tough because this is a re this is retail politics and not having your standard bear out there green people by name you're about finding good food ind have school.y talking to them shaking their so, when my wife kat and i learned california public school children hands is a disadvantage are couldn't get fresh produce in the cafeteria, real fast. we are one local guy tom stier. we took action. >>how did he do. we partnered with local farmers, school kitchens, a non-profit. >>yeah he was articulate but that program now serves over 300 million healthy meals every year. he has no base he's the 45 the difference between words and actions matters. people showed up for bloomberg that's a lesson washington dc could use, right now. he has no constituency that it
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i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. is allied with him like a bernie does so this is all very nice. i'm glad he's spending the money and helping the economy but he's not going to go anywhere and the south carolina television stations are really happy that i'm serving in the race right now as long as he stays in a lot of television stations are going to be happy. so you know in part that's and that's good for the economy but there are other than the impeachment gig and other than the fact that he's taking up the space in terms of i'm the new climate >>i saw some 40 niners, what change leader. i mean there's nothing really really there in do think we are counting down the days we all are until the terms of the national nfc championship showdown constituency is how side or between the niners in the past even really a campaign and in the meantime one player commitment buying ads on tv is being recognized for a thank you and i can impair bottom line they were a little phenomenal for season in the league hour mark carpenter joins us now he is details on this smart mia the 49 ers did case and are back to you all right catherine michael and not practice today but do not tom thanks all 3 of you and be worry we have some big news sure to tune in for inside the here what an announcement coming from team headquarters area politics, it airs right here on kron 4 sundays at now all year long the strength of the 49 ers has been it's a 06:30am you can also catch it ferocious pass rush and on kron on on saturday and there's one player in sunday mornings at 11 oh 5. particular who has been causing fits for opposing offense is from the moment, he >>and the mother of an 11
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got into the league take bosa has been selected as the pro year-old northern california boy who went missing over the football writers of america, weekend and then was found rookie of the year not only dead is speaking out she describes how she learned the defensive rookie, but best devastating news plus plenty overall first year player since the 9 ers drafted him as of car crux of romney in the bay area. the number 2 pick. he's been a force hasn't missed a game all >>lawmakers are now taking action to battle the break in year 9 sacks 25 quarterback hits to lead the league 16 this and another somber sign tackles for loss. 2 fumble for bay area raiders fans new recoveries a forced fumble and interception also want to mention 2 sacks in his playoff debut spectacular now first year linebacker drake greenlaw also landed on the all rookie team, the 49 ers are back at practice tomorrow to get you trump: those pre-existing ready for championship sunday kron 4 got you covered on air online through kron on saturday night kate rooney, previewing the game with the red and gold zone playoff edition starting at 9 and then we'll have a full recap highlights and reaction flight report sunday night at 9 a sunday's kickoff set for 3.40 winter moves on to the super bowl in miami. it's going to be either the chiefs or titans going to be a great weekend. conditions are protected.
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sure is all right. thank you vo: a broken promise. marcie. trump repeatedly tried to undermine coverage >>it would add to the white for 134 million americans here certainly to have new with pre-existing conditions. park that large we have a lot mike: "he just doesn't care of people coming out here to if you have a pre-existing condition explore it. he wants to deny you access to coverage. >>and the east bay 80 square if he is re-elected, miles of land up for sale in he'll keep trying to do that and i think we can't let that happen." livermore and the state of california wants to buy it to vo: as president, mike will lower costs, and protect americans create one of the largest state parks even decades, the with pre-existing conditions. land is for sale for the first mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. time in 85 years and it is larger than the entire city of san francisco kron four's michelle kingston went to the east bank to take a look about an hour outside san francisco, an 80 square mile branches on the market for the first time in decades cattle still roam the property and it's also home to elk deer and hundreds of species of migrating birds and now the state of california wants to acquire the property known as the m 3 ranch to create one of the largest state parks in decades, this really is a once in a generation opportunity.
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>>this in 3 was first called the other in the 30's. it's never been on the market and it's larger than san francisco. it's twice the size of the amount diablo park area. it's over 50,000 acres governor gavin newsome mentioned just days ago that he wants legislative leaders to dedicate $20 million from a one-time surplus to help purchase new public parkland. >>but he didn't say where the new park would be they area lawmakers had been urging newsome to acquire and preserve this land in livermore for several days now, and the livermore mayor says he's all for the idea it's it's all part of the quality of life here in the term or and this one of these and i'm very excited about because as the mayor, i'm responsible for the quality of life here and to be able to have such a remarkable park. >>added to this is very excited that the livermore mayor says the idea this land
8:18 pm
becoming a state park is >>it's another sad moment for actually been talked about for months now, but whether it bay area rate or fancy oakland will actually happen or when raiders signed that used to be it may happen. right there at the team headquarters in alameda was >>it's still anybody's guess taken down today. it's another in livermore michelle kingston reminder for fans of the team kron 4 news. winter storm is leaving they're going to las vegas. the raiders play their last game in oakland last month. they'll play at watch in the reno tahoe region has now been upgraded to a their new home allegiance stadium in las vegas later warning for later this week this year meantime there's after a few weeks of mostly word that installation of the clear skies snowstorms have roof and that billion raider returned to squaw valley and football stadium in vegas is alpine meadows. months behind schedule, but >>this is video from squaw officials still say it should today they received 5 inches be ready by the start of next of fresh powder overnight and season. >>winning on the field and in it's still coming down where storm packed wind speeds of the classroom, a group of 49 get this a 130 miles an hour. er players took a break from the more powerful storm is the playbook to promote expected on thursday with the literacy today all in honor of forecast of up to 2 feet of doctor martin luther king junior day which is next snow and here's a live. look monday for 49 er players to my right now as we show you the san antonio elementary school in the san jose driving home, highway 50 in south lake tahoe you see there's plenty of snow how important literacy is for on the ground there lake level there about 6200 feet. and we young children with big dreams we had to read about. have a more on the upcoming >>junior a about segregation storm is heading to the sierra and instilling that from a with our meteorologist dave spahr day ok i may be very young age and i understand that. everybody
8:19 pm
traveling up there early in the weekend might be a little dicey because us told that more is expected on saturday should likes. like sisters or but the latter portion the weekend. >>and if you have a holiday off maybe to get back by tuesday will be okay, here's how it looks like in the >>this is awesome. descent of the storm that we're talking about timing is interesting on this nothing happens really tomorrow on >>the players teamed up with balance but really late the nonprofit reading partners tomorrow night into thursday morning a little bit later to read for 30 kindergartners than what's going on here in and after that they hold the bay is the heavy snowfalls individual tutoring sessions that will happen thursday with second through 4th morning continue with snow graders. area city is showers throughout the day thursday night as well. we unveiling a new program to combat illegal dumping. how talk about the winds here locally they're going to have winds there to hurricane plus the co force winds are expected in some of the higher peaks too. the statement you just heard about yes, winter storm warning, it's been upgraded we talked about this earlier in terms of being a winter storm watch. it's now been upgraded could pick up 2 inches of snow are localized amounts higher peaks could see maybe 3 will tom steyer: no child should have to worry be blowing snow and drifting snow with all of that to reduced visibilities as we talk about snow levels may rise and fall of the words in the fall down to 2000 feet.
8:20 pm
but then rise again a 3500 feet with a southerly wind working against it so you might have a little bit of melting going on and or re freezing as the snow levels start to change a little bit which can wreak some havoc on havoc on roads. for tonight. we're talking clear skies at least early letting temperatures fall into the 30's but again the inland valleys. we expect lows tomorrow morning at about 33 santa rosa, 37 antioch in livermore about 34 for frost, remember you don't have to have freezing temperatures are just getting into the 30's you can do it. here is this a big monster we're talking about arriving. overnight wednesday thursday boom there it is about 5 15 approximation the heaviest heaviest rain will move through fairly quickly leaving behind with the patches of moderate rain or scattered showers. now how much well let's go and map this out for you overnight we start building some north bay rain typical form with these winter storms then as it passes we collect maybe about an inch of rain san francisco nevado santa rosa. and out of san jose that's interesting worth noting there kind of a rain shadow that always get as
8:21 pm
much as a elsewhere in the bay maybe over an inch down there as well from this storm alone about finding good food in school. 41 san francisco, 39 coming in so, when my wife kat and i for oakland, san jose you're learned california public school children looking at 35 and everybody in couldn't get fresh produce in the cafeteria, our 7 day forecast. a little we took action. warm up into early next week we partnered with local farmers, school kitchens, a non-profit. back to you thank you did. >>tonight the last democratic that program now serves over 300 million debate before the first primary votes are cast in iowa healthy meals every year. the difference between words and actions matters. our political analysts are here to sort out which candidate managed to shine see that's a lesson washington dc could use, right now. articles of impeachment against the president are set i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. to go to the se sstop struggling to clean tough messes with sprays. try clean freak! it has three times the cleaning power of the leading spray to dissolve kitchen grease on contact. and it's great for bathrooms! just keep pumping the power nozzle to release can my side be firm? a continuous burst of mist and make quick work of big jobs. it even works on stainless steel. it cuts through 100% of dirt, grease and grime. available with easy-to-swap refills. to get three times the cleaning power,
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try clean freak from mr. clean. >>the first time the mother of a little boy named roman lopez is opening up about her last the 11 year-old disappeared on saturday only to be found dead hours later today, an autopsy was performed but the cause of death has not yet been released reporter jessica mensch reports. >>tiny little boy her show lopez's trying to hold it together color whole world toss apart. her only saw an 11 year-old from my has found dead hours after he was reported missing in possible saturday. police are calling his death suspicious i had to find out that my son died. and he is statute and she lives in wisconsin the child's father has primary custody in recently moved his family to this house on colome a street in plaster fell i ended up
8:23 pm
getting to point where you are little as 30 year-old to a rack she says she came home from serving in the military with ptsd health problems and substance abuse issues which is why she says she was not given custody of roman. >>and started treatment started this in fact i saw it just missed >>investigators confirm an autopsy was performed on the boy's body but have not released a cause of death. lopez can do now is hope for answers and that her son didn't suffer for the greatest little boy. >>agent deserve >>that was jessica mensch
8:24 pm
reporting. state lawmakers announced legislation to try to prevent more car break ins the new bill would make it easier to prosecute auto burglary cases. >>by eliminating the requirement that you have to prove that car's doors were locked when the theft occurred. earlier today kron on's spoke with her in the er and assemblywoman rebecca by hurricane hanna one of the authors of that bill. >>these kind of thoughts are on the rise and we need sir everything i can protect our communities from these kind of surging numbers on a best we see we see a over 20,000 car braking increase in the past year and so this is something we really need to focus on getting our prosecutors the ability to do their job and bring these people to justice and so we decided to bill is the best way to make that change to why this is important is that with the prosecutors having to prove it was locked that is really hard to prove right and so removing that if you break the window you are intending to break into someone's car and you shouldn't have to prove that it was locked before that happens and so making sure
8:25 pm
that we have the evidence for this break it was clear that we can prosecute individuals. >>to listen to the rest of that interview you can download the kron on app live local news streaming commercial free 24 7. >>the city of oakland has a new program to combat illegal dumping is called oakland proud the new program includes a student ambassador program civilian enforcement officers and enhance proactive pickup crews. mayor libby shaft tells oakland ers it is not enough to be proud of the city you must do proud that means people doing their part to keep the city clean. >>the government cannot do it alone we do not have enough resources to be everywhere on every block keeping everything at the level of beauty and cleanliness that every oakland or deserves. >>mayor sheriff says it takes 3 e's to eliminate trash in the city education or education and enforcement on illegal dumping student ambassadors from oakland high
8:26 pm
school and skyline high are currently participating in the program state lawmakers say they are a step closer to closing a loophole in the law that benefits drivers under the influence who leave the scene of an accident, the assembly public safety committee unanimously passed bill today it came after a jogger was hit and killed by suspected drunk driver in 20 18 in the central valley. >>that driver spent about a year in prison after being sentenced to 3 years. dui drivers who get caught in a fatal crash can face more prison time than those who leave the scene and sober up the law aims to close that gap boosting the maximum prison sentence for deadly hit and run drivers from 4 years to 6. the bills next hurdle will be in the appropriations committee before it lands on the assembly floor forecasts seen a stream weather in the bay area just got easier look at this state of the art radar, it's called x band radar. >>this radar will give forecasters high resolution and low level radars which up until now has been pretty difficult to get because of the bay area's complex terrain. the x band radar sits
8:27 pm
on top of bally waters punt until water treatment plant in san jose. the ribbon cutting for this new radar system will be tomorrow at noon at the radar site well talking about. >>weather radar. let's take a look outside here's a picture of the golden gate bridge on this tuesday night not much going on there meteorologist dave spahr is here with his own radar for tonight just in time when needed for thursday morning. it will look like in to see how well the new toys work so to be able to check that action now we get a lot of winds with us too as we start our day on thursday picking during the morning commute looks like. we have a calm tonight as we've got we have some drizzle and light rain on yesterday cleared out nicely. we have temperatures now falling through into the upper 30's already by 11 o'clock now before dawn tomorrow, we'll probably see the clouds reassemble but might have some scattered frost to deal with and a little bit of fog to out there temperatures forecast to be lower 30's up their santa rosa, 35 san jose livermore about 34, but even on the east bay shoreline, upper 30's to
8:28 pm
be filed. now these winds with the storm we're talking about breezy late tomorrow night station around the witching hour or shortly there afterwards picking up quickly is boom that front passes right over 8.15. past the heat of the morning commute, the winds will then subside so right on the heat in the morning commute on thursday morning winds and heavy rains expected breezy in the aftermath of all of that checking things out on future cast for in terms of that precipitation we're going to see the clouds kind of gather up on us tomorrow couple stray showers up north in the north bay. there's the major hit happening say about 5.45 give or take an hour or 2 on each side. this gives you an idea the progress behind it some embedded heavy rain at times scattered showers left in its wake some areas may pick up as much as maybe an inch of rain for that. here's what happens on our future after that, here's the big hit on thursday. weekend we get some relief but saturday ok another dose good for the niners game on sunday. and then as we get into tuesday, some more rain
8:29 pm
and i get another dose for thursday, it looks like 7 day forecast warming up a little bit and early part of next week. and let's go back to the 40 niners, the top story out of santa clara today as they get ready for the nfc title game against green bay, one of the league's top defenders. >>being recognized for a spectacular nfl debut. nick bosa has been selected as the pro football writers of america wookey of the year not only defensive rookie, but best overall first year player. the niners drafted him as the number 2 pick he's been a force hasn't missed a game 9 sacks 25 quarterback hits to lead the league 16 tackles for loss. 2 fumble recoveries forced a fumble and an interception also want to mention 2 sacks in his playoff debut, a first year linebacker andre green law also landed on the all the rookie team. >>and in the last season of the oakland raiders the silver and black have their own sensational first year star running back josh jacobs offensive rookie of the year.
8:30 pm
and what a season for the first round or out of alabama more than 1100 rushing yards, 7 touchdowns to lead all rookies and he is the first raiders rookie of the year since marcus elsewhere in the lead tonight, shocking news out of carolina, how about this panthers linebacker luke equally among the league's elite players, retiring after 8 seasons in an emotional message posted on the team's website, the 28 year-old said he is walking away from the game because he cannot play fast physical or play strong anymore what he did not cite any specific injuries, he has a documented history of concussions that's forced him to miss time over the years, he's been one of the nfl's most reliable players leading the league in tackles and linebacker interceptions since 2012. time for some hockey sharks on the road tonight visiting the coyotes, sharks in arizona for the start of a 3 game road trip second period, a shark 2, 1, 2 desert dogs timo meier get the pastor patrick marleau. >>red light is on sharks tied at 2. the later in the second still tied taylor hall. it's
8:31 pm
in jordan host early 3 to arizona area going in the 3rd period lawson crouse right place right time the terror and dale point blank range for 2 arizona, the sharks to get within a goal. but the county's added 2 more via the empty net final score 6, 3 the shark to visit the colorado avalanche thursday and finally more fallout from major league baseball sign stealing investigation, this is big alex cora has been fired as the manager of the boston red sox. >>comes just a day after he was named the league's report about the houston astros cheating scandal. during the 2017 world series season. cora was the astros bench coach at the time he is implicated as the one who quote originated and executed the entire scheme where the opposing team's signals were caught on camera. the 2018 championship red sox are also being investigated for cheating and cora is expected to receive
8:32 pm
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at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. >>fond farewell to a man who became a fixture in san francisco's union square tom sweeney is the popular beefeater who has greeted people outside francis drake hotel full 43 years, a native san franciscan took the doorman position as a summer job well waiting to become a firefighter, but he fell in love with it and stay for more than 4 decades. this past sunday was his last day on the job over the years, he's met
8:35 pm
movie stars actually dignitaries, politicians he's won awards and won the appreciation of his community. >>gov accomplice more than ever imagined, it's been a great run into ground and yet. >>it is i profiled house when the last december he says that he's now ready to spend time with his family, especially his 4 grandchildren and he says he will donate some of his beefeater memorabilia and there's lots of it to some good causes. so you know time that oh everybody go out and have a couple drinks to get ready for a lot oh yeah oh yeah, i haven't done that with him, but still time he's a fun guy to hang out with that wraps up kron 4 news in a grant lotus vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9 oh yeah oh yeah to fend thank you ken next at 9. a victim early this morning, those homeless mothers we've been reporting about in oakland. well they're not ending their fight tonight their message after a couple
8:36 pm
of them were taken away in handcuffs but now they're free this evening plus managers at a big bay area clothing store are now wondering what's next after they've been hit by bold thieves twice. >>in the past week and a half what police are asking shoppers to do differently this time and cold weather tonight brain though coming tomorrow our meteorologist dave spahr we'll time that out in the forecast here kron 4 news at 9 is nex
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